Web App Development

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Web Applications have been growly in popularity since the early 1990's, back then just having a something that "works" was an acceptable and common standard for a web application. In today's society, simply having something that "works" is no longer acceptable. The internet users of today have high demands for web applications, they expect information to be delivered in a very quick, logical and timely fashion. Web Applications utilize the power of Web 2.0 technologies such as Web services, Javascript, CSS and XHTML.

Since the internet has become a large part of modern day life. Most of us use the internet in multiple ways to perform daily activities, keep up with current events or perform business applications. Traditional applications were built with desktop applications that needed to be installed on an individual’s computer.

Today’s web applications range from social networking, blogs, ecommerce and many others. At Black Label Technology we will analyze a business need and be able to develop a plan for solving business problem or improving a business process. With a web application a solution can be created, tested and deployed in a short timeframe. The deployment is made on a web server and the end user simply has to refresh their web browser in order to receive the updated version of the new application.

At Black Label Technology we are experts in building and deploying applications in ASP.NET and PHP. With today’s technology we are able to leverage tools like JQuery and AJAX to improve the user experience to more closely match that of a desktop application.

The Web 2.0 Experience and Framework

A Web 2.0 experience refers to the use of user-centered design applications and utilize the power of technologies such as Web services, JavaScript, CSS and XHTML.

JQuery and AJAX

JQuery and AJAX technologies are becoming more prevalent in today’s web applications. Their use of more efficient JavaScript libraries makes them easier for developers to use.

JQuery offers a better user experience that more closely mirrors that of a desktop application. Because of the libraries improved development, a developer can expect the controls to work on any of the more popular web browsers and notice improved speed over normal JavaScript methods. The last advantage you will receive is a reduced server load because of the fewer number of trips the web application has to take to the server.

User Centered Experience

We believe that building web applications with the client and end-user in mind is important. We take pride in not only providing design user-interfaces but also in providing intuitive application functionality as well.