Website Development

Professional, Cross-Browser, User Centered Design

Many times a company’s website and/or online presence is the first chance to make an impression on a potential client or visitor. It is often proclaimed that a website generally has around 30 seconds or less to capture a visitor or a potential clients attention. With this in mind it makes it extremely important to have an appealing and creative website design and layout.

Your Website Built Right - The First Time

By building websites right the first time, we not only save ourselves time and resources but also save our clients maintenance overhead in the process.

Reusable and Reliable Components

One of the many things that we focus on and strive to be success at is creating quality and easily reusable website elements or components. In order to make this happen we invest time in planning website layouts this enables us to more efficiently and cost-effectively expand a websites functionality and features in the future.

Cross Browser Experience

With today's world of evolving and changing internet browsers and standards, it is crucial to stay up to date and up to the latest standards in web development. There are many reasons that companies upgrade their internet browser products, the reasons may range from adding the latest and "coolest" feature that utilizes a new technology or simply because of security reasons. Whatever the reason an update is released for it is important that your web application is created by and remains W3C standard compliant. This will ensure that your client and visitor base has the most optimal experience whatever browser they may choose.

User Friendly Experience

We utilize the power of client side frameworks such as Javascript, CSS and XHTML and combine them with the power of ASP.NET to create a responsive and elegant user experience.

Cleanly Build XHTML and CSS

We take pride in developing and designing clean webpages and valid XHTML markup for website that we build.