Introducing the Market Magnet: Your Complete Digital Marketing Solution

Say goodbye to the hassle of piecing together multiple platforms. With Market Magnet, you have everything you need to capture, nurture, and close leads all in one powerful engine.


Effortlessly capture leads with our versatile array of tools including customizable landing pages, interactive surveys, intuitive forms, streamlined calendars, and a seamless inbound phone system.


Stay connected with leads. Our platform enables you to automate messaging through various channels such as voicemail, calls, SMS, emails, and Facebook Messenger, ensuring your prospects are always engaged.


Seal the deal with ease using our comprehensive suite of built-in tools. Collect payments securely, schedule appointments seamlessly, and gain valuable insights with our robust analytics tracking feature.

Experience the power of Market Magnet and supercharge your digital marketing efforts today!

Capture More Leads For Your Business

Efficiency is Essential

Keep your workflow streamlined and organized with the Market Magnet CRM. Our platform simplifies contact management by automatically segmenting leads into dynamic Smart Lists, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. Engage with leads effortlessly via SMS, email, workflows, and more.

Streamlined Operations

Execute tasks efficiently with Bulk Actions. Whether it’s sending quick texts or emails to a list of contacts or moving segmented cohorts into Pipelines, accomplish tasks with just a click.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay productive on the move with our Mobile App, providing access to your contacts, leads, and customers anytime, anywhere.

User-Friendly Website Building

Create stunning web pages and funnels effortlessly with the Market Magnet’s intuitive drag-and-drop Website Builder. Customize your site with ease and keep it dynamically updated using Custom Fields and Custom Values for personalized content.


Time-Saving Templates

Explore our vast Template Library offering thousands of responsive website templates for free. Save time by selecting from pre-designed layouts that suit your needs.

Content Creation Made Easy

Highlight your expertise with blogging tools in the Market Magnet. Utilize AI-powered content generation to produce high-quality posts quickly, with the option to customize tone and incorporate specific keywords for optimization.

Effortless Publishing and Distribution

Schedule Social Media posts to go live at your convenience and utilize RSS feeds to notify your audience via email each time new content is published.

Lead Capture Solutions

Embed custom forms into your funnels, websites, or third-party platforms to capture leads effectively. Use custom surveys with logic to segment leads into smart lists for targeted marketing.

Engagement Tools

Ensure clear calls-to-action by embedding custom forms as popups on websites, regardless of the platform they’re built on. Enable real-time text message conversations with website visitors using the Market Magnet’s Smart Webchat Widget.

Seamless Integration

Integrate directly with Facebook and TikTok Lead Forms without the need for third-party apps, ensuring leads flow directly into your CRM and trigger nurture automations instantly.

Accelerated Growth

Connect Lead Forms with automated lead nurture processes to engage with every lead promptly, eliminating delays and maximizing the effectiveness of your paid advertising efforts.

Nurture & Close Prospects Into Customers


Unlimited Automation Possibilities

Unlock the potential of automated workflows to cultivate leads effortlessly while you focus on what matters most. With Workflows, you can craft tailored automations that nurture leads on autopilot, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Seamless Client Communication

Connect with clients on their preferred platforms effortlessly. Trigger automated communications via email, SMS, ringless voicemail, FB Messenger, Instagram DMs, Google Chat, Call-Connects, and more directly from your workflows.

Effortless Content Creation

Simplify content creation with the Market Magnet’s Social Media Planner. Generate a year’s worth of pre-scheduled content quickly using AI-powered tools. Plus, our extensive library of ready-to-post templates segmented by industry makes content creation a breeze.

Streamlined Scheduling Solutions

Eliminate scheduling headaches with the Market Magnet’s fully-automated scheduling system. Create custom calendars for individuals, teams, webinars, and more. Build personalized booking pages with customized appointment reminders to minimize no-shows.

Comprehensive Booking Features

Enjoy robust booking capabilities within Market Magnets’s ecosystem. From round-robin assignments to paid appointments, custom availability settings to seamless Google & Outlook sync, our system has everything you need to manage bookings efficiently.

Empowerment Through Digital Products

Unlock new revenue streams by creating digital products and membership courses for your business and clients. Build coaching programs to establish brand authority and provide valuable educational resources.

Tailored Courses for Every Need

Educate and engage your audience with custom courses designed for onboarding, coaching, training programs, and more. Nurture customer relationships while providing valuable insights and guidance.


Advanced Pipeline Management

Effortlessly organize and track leads and contacts with customizable Pipelines. Monitor leads as they progress through various stages of the funnel, optimizing your sales process for better results.

Automated Follow-Up Processes

Stay on top of opportunities with our automated system that triggers the movement of prospects through Pipelines. Easily drag and drop leads across stages, ensuring seamless follow-through at every step.

Insightful Optimization Reports

Gain valuable insights from each funnel and campaign with detailed Pipeline reports. Identify areas for improvement and optimize your strategies for enhanced performance and results.

Market Magnet Chart

Market Magent

Express Edition
$ 79 Monthly
  • 2 Users
  • 5,000 Contacts

Market Magent

Standard Edition
$ 99 Monthly
  • 5 Users
  • 10,000 Contacts

Market Magent

Pro Edition
$ 199 Monthly
  • 10 Users
  • 10,000 Contacts

Market Magent

Plus Edition
$ 299 Monthly
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Contacts

ALL Plans Include All of the Following Features




Missed Call Text Back

Social Medai Planner

Web Chat

Website Builder


Email Marketing

Google My Business Messaging

Reputation Management


2-Way Messaging

Calendar Appointments

Workflow Automations

Call Tracking